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I. P. Müller viser “Mit System” 1904, 6 min., Stum Text Translated By Google: J.P. Müller demonstrates his gymnastic exercise system including various standing exercises, abdominal bends over chair and frying. Some of the recordings can also be seen in ‘I.P. Müller I ‘. Jørgen Peter Müller (1866-1938) was a hygienist and sports pioneer. 1901-05 […]

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New! We were recently emailed by a fellow Muller enthusiast who had found this amazing, actual footage from 1911 of J.P. Muller demonstrating his system. Film Credits Translated by Google: 1911, 4 min., Stum J.P. Müller shows gymnastic exercises in the garden. Some of the footage can also be seen in ‘I. P. Müller shows […]

Muller’s Famous Sit Ups

When JP Muller first started advocating sit ups, there was no common name for the exercise, he called it, “Trunk Raising.” Below are the instructions for his famous style. You’ll note that in these, you keep the back completely straight. This style is still commonly used by weight lifters and in some Pilates exercises. Each […]

Workout Routines For Men

Exercise smarter – and start feeling the results today! #3 on the Bestseller Aerobics List! If you’re looking for alternative and effective workout routines for men, then you’re gonna definitely want to check out JP Muller. Muller originally designed his program for business men, academics, clerks and other professionals because he felt they were […]