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New! We were recently emailed by a fellow Muller enthusiast who had found this amazing, actual footage from 1911 of J.P. Muller demonstrating his system.

Film Credits Translated by Google:

1911, 4 min., Stum

J.P. Müller shows gymnastic exercises in the garden. Some of the footage can also be seen in ‘I. P. Müller shows “My System”. Jørgen Peter Müller (1866-1938) was a hygienist and sports pioneer. 1901-05 he was an inspector at Vejlefjord sanatorium. Then he acted solely as an agitator for body smoke and was predominantly resident abroad. He achieved world fame with his book ‘My System’, which appeared in 1904. Here he gathered his experiences, his training methods and the way of life that led to the best results. His system consisted of a number of self-designed home gymnastics, simple exercises, in which he decisively broke with the then-dominant influence of Swedish male gymnastics. ‘My System’ was a unique success, translated into 25 languages, printed in over one and a half million copies.

Keywords: 1900-1909, Gymnastics, Gymnastics History, Sports, Sports History, Body

Contributors: J.P. Müller

Director: Peter Elfelt

Photographer: Peter Elfelt