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I. P. Müller viser “Mit System” 1904, 6 min., Stum Text Translated By Google: J.P. Müller demonstrates his gymnastic exercise system including various standing exercises, abdominal bends over chair and frying. Some of the recordings can also be seen in ‘I.P. Müller I ‘. Jørgen Peter Müller (1866-1938) was a hygienist and sports pioneer. 1901-05 […]

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New! We were recently emailed by a fellow Muller enthusiast who had found this amazing, actual footage from 1911 of J.P. Muller demonstrating his system. Film Credits Translated by Google: 1911, 4 min., Stum J.P. Müller shows gymnastic exercises in the garden. Some of the footage can also be seen in ‘I. P. Müller shows […]