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If you’re looking for alternative and effective workout routines for men, then you’re gonna definitely want to check out JP Muller.
Muller originally designed his program for business men, academics, clerks and other professionals because he felt they were at particular risk for a sedentary lifestyle. After his “My System” skyrocketed in popularity, he came out with another version specifically for women.

His full workout consists of a simple, equipment-free, 15-minute routine that you can do anywhere. The book is written to allow for different levels of strength — so if you haven’t been doing much exercise lately, don’t worry, he doesn’t make it painful to get started. The first workout routine is just six simple exercises — but you’ll feel start feeling the results immediately.

Muller was loved then and now for his eccentric personality and his passion for each person taking responsibility for their own health. Hence one of his chapters is titled, “Why Be Weakly?” and the book is filled with passionate quotes like, “If people only knew how much more, how much better and how much longer they can enjoy life if, instead of being controlled by a weakly body, they have a strong and healthy one at their command!”

So take Muller’s advice and try out his diligently researched and developed workout routines today — we guarantee you’ll feel the difference immediately. And each day you complete the routine, you’ll feel stronger and healthier with a boost of vitality and energy. You’ll be amazed at what a difference just 15-minutes can make!