What is My System?


My System is a book written by Lieut. J.P. Muller in 1904. J.P. Muller was a famous athlete and his book started an exercise movement across Europe. It’s reported to have sold well over 2 million copies and has been translated into 25 languages.
Muller then opened a prosperous institute in London and wrote a series of other books based on his system.

My System, endorsed by doctors, kings, princes, celebrities (including author Franz Kafka), and fellow athletes, is reported to have been one of the best selling fitness books in history.

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The Full Six Weeks

In My System, Muller lays out a six-week program of exercises meant to bring the user from his or her individual starting point to a vigorous 15-minute workout consisting of 18 exercises.

To do this, he builds-up the routine gradually, starting with a simple workout and increasing the degree of difficulty in a systematic way until the practitioner reaches the sixth-week and achieves the full routine.

Our guide breaks the six-week program into pieces, detailing each of the exercises at every step of the program.

Consult your physician before beginning this (or any) fitness routine.

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