8. Bending and Stretching of the Arms, partly Loaded with the Weight of the Body (Partial Push-ups)

a. (1stº) Leaning on chest of drawers (or bed-frame), stand 3 feet from object, with hands on top of drawers, shoulder-width apart. While INHALING, lower body to hands, turning hands in, elbows out. Body stiff, heels off ground. While EXHALING, push body back up to original position. Perform 10 of this set. b. (2ndº) On […]

6. Slow Leg Circling

a. (1stº) Lie on back with hands supporting head. Lift left leg straight (with toes pointed) about 45º and rotate in a circle about 30″ diameter. INHALE on upward movement, EXHALE on downward. Do six of these, followed by two circles as large as possible (toe pointed, elbows steadying body). This is followed by the […]

5. Quick Arm Circling

a. (1stº) (seated) Small (12″) arm circles (forward, palms up) for three full breaths, followed by two large circles that should almost touch the ear (each arm separately, and loosely, circled for one full breath each). This is then repeated in the opposite direction (backward), palms down. b. (2ndº) (standing) As above, except standing, one […]