a. (1stº) Leaning on chest of drawers (or bed-frame), stand 3 feet from object, with hands on top of drawers, shoulder-width apart. While INHALING, lower body to hands, turning hands in, elbows out. Body stiff, heels off ground. While EXHALING, push body back up to original position. Perform 10 of this set.
b. (2ndº) On the floor, using your knees and hands. Your hands should be angled inward at 45º at all times now. Breathing as above.
c. (3rdº) As with a normal push-up: on the floor, using your toes and hands (palms). Keep body straight and turn head to the side at the bottom, alternating.
d. (4thº) Advanced techniques: on fingertips, spread apart; Lifting one leg up; Combining these; One-arm push-ups; Rapid push-ups.

(excerpt from fan summary)