a. (preliminary movement) Sit, hands on hips, astride a chair (facing the back), and grip the chair legs with your feet. [Alternately, do this standing up, feet wide apart and facing in, knees braced]. Twist the trunk to the left, but keep the head facing forward at all times and the hips firmly forward. The left hand should simultaneously slide to the middle of the back, and the right hand to the stomach (bringing the shoulder under the chin). Then twist right, reversing the hand movements. Upon mastering this move, add breathing: INHALE while twisting left and right, EXHALE while twisting left and right a second time. [Over time, ramp up to 2 twists INHALING, 4 EXHALING; then 4 INHALING, 6 EXHALING]
b. (the rubbing) The rubbing is done just as described above, though the advanced movement is done standing and with adequate pressure from the hands on the abdomen. If you are unable to keep the hips firm, go back to the chair. The speed, as described above, should be increased, moving up to 6 INHALING, 8 EXHALING or higher, as you can. [N.B. Muller does not recommend this exercise for women, and refers to the ‘My System for Ladies’ for an alternative]

(excerpt from fan summary)