a. (preliminary movement) Standing, hands on flanks, fingers downward. In turn, raise left leg forward as far as you can, then return to original position; repeat for right leg. Raise left leg sideways, followed by the right. Lift left leg backwards, followed by the right. INHALE on the left lift, and EXHALE on the right. Do this full series of moves three times total.
b. (the rubbing) As above, with hands on flanks. As you lift the left leg, your left hand should travel down from the flank to rub the thigh, knee and shin, with continuous, hard pressure. The same goes for the right leg. It also works similarly for the side leg lifts, and back leg lifts – the hand travels down from the flank to rub the side or back of the leg, respectively. This full series of moves is done six times total.

(excerpt from fan summary)