a. (1stº) Lie on back with hands supporting head. Lift left leg straight (with toes pointed) about 45º and rotate in a circle about 30″ diameter. INHALE on upward movement, EXHALE on downward. Do six of these, followed by two circles as large as possible (toe pointed, elbows steadying body). This is followed by the same for the right leg. Repeat again with the left and then right, but rotating in the opposite direction.
b. (2ndº) Take a deep INHALATION while resting on the floor.  During the following EXHALATION, lift both stretched legs to a height of 45º from the floor and lower at once.  Repeat eight times (eight full breaths) focusing on relaxing the muscles when inhaling.
c. (3rdº) With both legs straightened and toes pointed forward, perform the circling motion (as in 1stº) with both legs simultaneously.  During the circles, the feet will meet in the middle, and should be pressed hard together so that the right leg is forming the letter “D” while the left is mirroring.  When performing the large circles, move the legs so that they do not contact each other.  Do six small circles followed by two large (in each direction), which should now take 16 full breaths.  In the initial stages of training, the feet may rest a moment after each circuit.
d. (4thº) As above, but perform ten small circles and two small circles in each direction. The head should rest on the floor and the hands are put flat under the hollow of the back, or on hips.  Hands can also be stretched up beyond the ears and touching the floor beyond the head. The heels should just touch the floor after each circle, but not rest upon it.  This movement is done slowly with the breathing equally as deep.  For more abdominal effort, wear something heavy on the feet (boots, ankle weights).
e. (4thº alternative) Keep the legs firmly pressed together throughout the exercise while swinging them in as large of circles as possible.  Do this six times in each direction.  To keep from falling over, keep your arms out sideways with your palms pressing against the floor.

(excerpt from fan summary)