a. (1stº) (seated) Small (12″) arm circles (forward, palms up) for three full breaths, followed by two large circles that should almost touch the ear (each arm separately, and loosely, circled for one full breath each). This is then repeated in the opposite direction (backward), palms down.
b. (2ndº) (standing) As above, except standing, one foot in front of the other, and that both arms should do large circles at the same time. Switch the feet for the backward direction.
c. (3rdº) (lunging) As above, except now lunging forward with one knee bent, and straight back through back leg. Small arm circles should be very quick now. Slowly limit to 6 breaths in total.
d. (4thº) (lunging) As above, now adding a turning of the trunk (from the waist) from side to side. INHALE when the chest is turned towards the back leg, EXHALE when facing the bent leg. Do the large circles while facing forward, during the EXHALATION on the third breath.